A new time, a new path

So you want to know what Lobelle is like? If you do please continue reading.

First things first, who is the girl who writes this? My name is Lobke and I am currently 18 years old. I’m a dutch girl, who lives in the Netherlands close to Utrecht and recently started studying at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, where I study Forensic Science.

Lobelle is founded in 2013 because I wanted to write, be creative, share my passion and the things I discovered. I wrote basically about anything that intrested me and I wanted to share to perhaps help other people. In 2015 I lacked the passion  for blogging and decided that if my heart wasn’t in it anymore I should not force myself and left blogging for what it was.

But recently the idea of picking writing up again got in my head. The only problem was, I grew older and I did not feel like writing about the things I used to write about when I was 14/ 15 years old. My passion to inspire others hadn’t disapeared, in contrast, it had only grown. In addition to inspiring people came motivating people, a new idea had grown.

So I decided to change up my old blog completely, a new design and a new concept. I transformed my blog in an online magazine. This format means that most of the articles I write will be (hopefully) helpfull articles with a little personal touch coming from my own experience. Just like I am inspired and motivated by people, I like to set that forwards. Because it can have such a good outcome on people and can really make the grow, even blossom.

I decided to write my articles in English for two reasons. Reason one is that I like to reach a bigger audience than just people who can read Dutch. I like to inspire and motivate people all over the world, not just in my small (but very lovable) country. The second reason is that I would love to improve my English. I love the English language and I try to squeeze in as many oppertunities to improve my English as possible. If you see an mistake here and there, please let me know! That way I can only keep improving and growing in mastering the English skill.

I hope you are following me along this journey I started. I am really looking forward to creating this online magazine with which I am able to inspire, motviate and help other people everywhere. Because people who are inspired and motivated will shine even through the darkest of days.

Love, Lobke

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