Is this it for me

This September I started with a new education, at a new school in a new city.  Now we are two month further. And even though I like the courses that I am following I already started to wonder, is this what I want to do for now and the rest of my life? And what if I do choose wrong? Is there a way to know that you decided right? What if…

Choosing something is hard enough, choosing something that will determine a part of the rest of your life is even harder. At least that is what following an education feels like, you decide on a career that you will practice for the rest of your life. But is that so?

Lately I have been looking around and mostly reading about girlbosses and their career path. Luckily they all said something that comforts me. They did not plan for the career they are having now, indeed they all planned on a completely different career.

The book advised to just start somewhere, invest in it and if it is not a fit for you, just move on! The most things you choose aren’t forever. Even if you decide to not pursue with the thing you started it has never been a waste of time, because you most likely learned from it and found out that a career in that path is not something for you. But never throw a try away after a month, the woman claimed that to know if something is or isn’t something for you you should a least invest a lot of time it, maybe even 1000 hours, because some thing might turn out to be excately your thing after you invested in it.

So after the inspirational words I decided I should not worry just yet if this is the career path for me and if I want to do this for the rest of my life. It is unnecessary to try to decide right now what I want to do forever. Maybe this turns out not to be the fit for me, this is just my first try.

XO Lobke


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