Pretty jewelry

For Christmas I found a beautiful small little gift under the Christmas tree. Inside was a small box with three pretty perfect rings. So I basically had no choice but to show them to you.

The box had 2 jewelry brands inside. The first two rings are from the brand Ohlala! and the third ring is from the brand Charmins. I all got them in the rose gold color.

The first ring is my favourite! This ring has a 8mm socket with a toptwist which you can unscrew. In the socket you can put a variety of gemstones in. The gemstones are available in two kinds, zircon gemstones and eco glass stones. I love that you can constantly change the ring to a whole new one by just changing the gemstone, it gives the ring in just one smal twist a whole new look!

Ohlala! Jewels

The second ring is a bit more simple than the first ring. It is also a rose gold ring with vertical striped notches. I love that it is simple enough to wear in combination with the other more extravagant ring but it is also beautiful and impressive to just wear on its own.

Ohlala! Jewels

The third ring is really simple but definitely not boring! I love the simplicty and elegance it radiates. It is has a rose gold ring binder and a silver glass rhinestone. Because of the elegance of the simplicity it goes perfect with every outfit and looks beautiful when you wear it without any other jewelry.


The rings are beautiful and wearable in so many different ways! You can combine them however you like them and with changing the gemstones you always can match it with your outfit or style. I love them

XO Lobke

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